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Greed He who distinguishes the true savor of his food can never be a glutton; he who does not cannot be otherwise. Henry David Thoreau, Walden, “Higher Laws” (1854) Famine When the Somalians were merely another hungry third world people, we sent them guns. Now that they are falling down dead from starvation, we send them troops. Some may see in this a tidy metaphor for the entire relationship between north and south. But it would make a whole lot more sense nutritionally— as well as providing infinitely more vivid viewing— if the Somalians could be persuaded to eat the troops. Barbara Ehrenreich, quoted in The Guardian (January 9 ,1993) Life and Living Life is too short to stuff a mushroom. Shirley Conran, Superwoman, Epigraph (1975) Age and Aging When you get to fifty-two food becomes more important than sex. Prue Leith, quoted in The Guardian ( November 11, 1992)
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