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AFTERNOON TEA AT BERNICE’S Bernice’s Peanut Soup  DINNER AT THE RIVIERA Honeydew with Prosciutto and Calamata Olives  About Bouillabaisse  Bouillabaisse  SATURDAY BREAKFAST WITH BERNICE    Spinach and Feta Crêpes       The Crêpes       The Filling       The Omelets    Fresh Berries Covered with Whipped Cream       Whipped Cream SUNDAY BREAKFAST WITH BERNICE     “Wise Eggs,” a Version of Eggs Benedict BERNICE PLANS DESSERT    New England Apple Slump    New England Nutmeg Sauce A LUNCH BUFFET AT BERNICE'S    Crab and Shrimp Salad    Hummus CHINESE CUISINE    A Meal Served to Emperor Ch’ien-Lung in 1754    Some Notes on “The Imperial Banquet”    Some Notes on Chinese Cuisine    Some Notes on Chinese “Luxury” Foods    About “The Chinese Banquet” Recipes A CHINESE BANQUET AT THE “EMPEROR’S PALACE”    Lobster Salad with Peanut Dressing    Bird’s Nest with Beef and Chinese Vegetables    Mock Shark’s Fin Soup    Curry and Black Bean Scallops    Sweet and Sour Prawns (Shrimp)       Sweet and Sour Sauce    Crispy Skin Chicken    Some Notes about Winter Melon Soup with Mixed Meat    Winter Melon Soup    Crab with Mushrooms    Steamed Fish    Fried Rice BIRTHDAY PARTY AT BIBI'S FARM    Homemade Salsa    Chili    Cornbread    Potato Salad    Raw Veggies For Dipping    Cupcakes THE HURRICANE PARTY AT BERNICE’S    Salad    Crudités    Beef Stew    Raspberry Cheesecake       A “Lemon Cookie” Crust       The Cheesecake       The Glaze    Chocolate Mousse OTHER FOODS    About Dim Sum (Touch the Heart)    Oyster Stew
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Ariel Quigley Mysteries

Killer Cookbook #1:

Recipes to Accompany The Chef Who Died Sautéing

(included in the novel)

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